Community Activities

An essential element in the design of an effective recreation program is the involvement of residents in the functions of the community. Since residents will be returning to their communities, it is critical that social skills are developed through participation in community events and through utilization of community resources.

Recrea tional/Leisure:
Recreational programming is an essential component of the treatment modality. Therapeutic activities will be designed based on the residents' treatment goals. Residents will participate in group activities and attend group outings. Therapeutic activities will be designed to enhance gross motor development, fine motor development, social and communication skills, interpersonal relationships, frustration tolerance, and to decrease the situations, which may cause a resident to display aggressive or antisocial behavior.

Many educational and leisure field trips will be scheduled to take place off campus, at a local pool, or a local museum, in a skating rink, or public park. These trips will be supervised by staff members and reserved for those residents who have earned a behavioral level that indicates the resident has the ability and likeliness to leave the home campus and be able to manage his behavior without major incidents.