Embracing Destiny Foundation is a long-term care residential treatment home for adolescents, providing 24-hour care daily. We provide a structured treatment based program within a homelike atmosphere. The program service that Embracing Destiny Foundation provides will enhance each child's ability to function productively and positively upon his return to mainstream society.
Each child's treatment plan shall address goals and strategies specifying how psychological, educational, social, medical, and recreational needs will best be met. As the child's needs change, the treatment team will review his progress and reevaluate needed changes in goals and strategies.

Our program focuses primarily but is not limited to treating children for issues of abuse, neglect and abandonment including behavior modification, developing family living skills, and social and educational development. In addition we will help our residents learn coping skills interpersonal skills, social and communication skills and problem solving.

Psychiatric Services

Our psychiatrist will assist the treatment team in formulating the residents' treatment plan and conduct conferences as needed with the interdisciplinary team to update and revise the treatment plan in accordance with the residents needs. The psychiatrist will provide psychiatric consultation, medication evaluation, and training the staff on psychotropic medications.

Psychological Assessments

The psychologist will be responsible for assisting in the formulation of the residents' treatment plan. If ordered by the psychiatrist, the psychologist will conduct a psychological evaluation. This testing measures intelligence, perception, cognitive level, personality, characteristics, and provides information useful for the residents' treatment.

Children will be taught basic social skills that will be essential in their daily functioning. When our older children leave our care we want to ensure that they have the basic knowledge of necessary life skills. Our children will be taught hygiene skills, table manners, laundry detail organizational skills, money management, budgeting, cleaning skills, sexual awareness, self awareness, social safety issues, drug and alcohol awareness (some of these topics will be discussed only with those children who are age and emotionally mature to understand such topics).

The Resident:
Each resident shall have vital and active participation in his treatment process to ensure a successful outcome. The resident needs encouragement to participate in individual therapy, group therapy, and milieu activities, and to take advantage of the opportunity for self-exploration, and self-responsibility in their daily living skills.
Discharge Planning - The social worker provides assistance when needed for a child who has reached his maximum potential and/or all of the benefits the program can provide.