There is a wonderful quality about the staff at Embracing Destiny. They are effective in their approach to reach abused and neglected adolescent males. They are dedicated to being advocates for these children. Child abuse and neglect are destroying lives today. There are millions of cases for abuse and neglect reported each year. All of these children need someone to learn about their plight. They need nurturing, hugs, someone to talk to, someone to give them encouragement and a real sense of self-esteem. Most importantly, these children need to know that they are wanted and loved.

Childbirth sets in motion a chain of responsibilities for the family, extended family members, and the community; because at some time in the future all may be expected to provide in varying ways for this new life.

When the family cannot care for the child, someone must step in. Society, therefore, maintains a vested interest in the adequacy with which families meet children's needs.

Ms. Monique Davis, Executive Director

Ms. Kwame Walker, Liscensed Child-Care Administrator(LCCA)

Ms. Walker is responsible for overall administrative duties of the facility, implementation of treatment plan through direct care stafe child and family to ensure that each child' s personal needs are met and documented. Ms. Walker is also responsible for staff in-service training, supervision and maintaining minimum standards at the facility at all times. Will review treatment plans every three months. The LCCA will also act as liaison with the schools to provide educational needs for the resident. Ms. Walker is available: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM and weekends PRN. Her experience includes 15 years of working in the child care industry.